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Leather Trousers | PU Leather & Vinyl Trousers | Datex Leggings and Trousers

Leather Trousers, Vinyl Trousers, PU Leather Trousers, Datex Leggings and Trousers

The bohemian girl look that ups above skinny trousers and leggings; leather trousers, vinyl trousers and datex leggings and skinny PU leather trousers are about the more sophisticated than skinny trousers look. The style that you will love in your wardrobe for years to come, vinyl trousers can combine with an ordinary beautiful tee shirt top to create a statement fashion look. 

Leather Trousers for the Bohemian Girls

At Woven Trends, we have a variety of different leather trousers, from the top premium genuine leather cowgirl pants to vinyl trousers, leather effect and leather feel PU leather trousers and skinny fitted with stretchy feel datex leggings and datex trousers. We have you covered whatever your taste may be, a one stop shop, you won't have to look anywhere else to find exactly what you need. 

Datex Leggings for Petite, Tall or Curvy Girls

Our datex leggings are a perfect fit, made with elastane they offer a stretchy feel that hugs to curves and bands to the waist with a high waistline finish. A comfortable blend of style and durable fabric, are leather trousers come in a wide range of size fittings so every woman can shop at Woven Trends and enjoy the quality datex leggings we have in stock; from slim fitting petite girls to the curvy and luscious big beautiful women datex leggings trousers. 

PU Leather Trousers, Matte Look Leather Leggings, Wet Look Leather and Vinyl Trousers

Nothing gets closer to the bohemian girl look with black matte look leather trousers and vinyl trousers. PU leather trousers in normal size, 80's flare or pencil fitting are a few of the styles that will get heads turning at the club or casual evening out. Leather leggings and vinyl trousers are unique in presentation and style for the modern girls fashion look.


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