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Smart Tailored Trousers | Tailored Ladies Pants

Smart Tailored Trousers | Tailored Ladies Pants | Smart Fashion Trousers

A great pair of tailored smart trousers are always essential for the modern girls wardrobe. Complete your tuxedo style fashion wear with solid black trousers or striped pleated trousers styles, the classic sleek boss chic look. Shop for your smart look trousers from Woven Trends, a wide range of trousers and pants for ladies.

Turn heads and get all the attention for the right reasons with our smart tailored trousers. The office to party girl switch look; from ankle grazers and highwaisted, to flare fitted and straight trouser pants, we have you covered with our smart trousers.

The elegant office girl look in black, or the semi casual styled fitted trousers in glowy yellow. Get your semi casual and smart look trousers with lipsy tailored or elasticated waist trousers with tapered cut.

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