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Watch Jewellery

Time is a valuable thing, and the oldest expression of class. Watches are meant for more than telling the time. They are artistic expression of fashion class, timeless pieces of fashion accessories that can turn the bland look into a glam statement look. A vital accessory to the modern girl fashion look, watches complete your wrist adornments, together with brackets and bangles.

The come in various design looks, from diamante gem encrusted shell glam watches, to the classic gold tone watch. Watch accessories can be worn to all events and taken care of, they will serve their aesthetic and functional duty for many a year. 

We have watch jewellery made from Quartz movement pieces Japanese movement watches, and the quick glance digital watch. Made from Stainless steel frames to bamboo carved frames, we have a watch piece for every lady. 

Banded with mesh stainless steel bands, adjustable linked chain bands, or pure leather bands, the band finish can change the tone and finish of a watch piece and it's suitability for an event or occasion. 

The face of the watch can be a canvass for colorful and artistic designs, personalized designs or a simple unitary color logo print, combined with the back, it can be a record of good memories or sentimental messages, with prints or back engraving options. 

Our watches can be customized with back engravings, further adding sentimental value to a wonderful gift. As an everyday fashion accessory, watches make for good gifts for your loved ones friends, family and acquaintances leaving from work or school.

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