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Paige Duo Pack Hair Clip Accessories

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Paige Duo Pack Hair Clip Accessories

Hair accessories that add the forward fashion touch to your look. Tie up your hair, lock up your hair or decorate them with this lovely pack of hair accessory. Finished in black and fitted with hold restore springs. 

From the soft and moisturized skin to the glam makeup look, we have you covered in the beauty and body section. A wide array of makeup products, from foundations to lipsticks that will turn you into the man-eater. Makeup completes the modern girls look, allowing you to ramp up your style from subtle tones to the very glammed up look. Body moisturizers of well-trusted brands including natural products only. Keep your skin moisturized and in top look. 

Product Details:

  • Pack Hair Clips
  • Hair Accessories
  • Spring Fixed

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